Newest Notice about IPIN 2020 Competition

2020-04-14 05:04:10

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, IPIN2020 Organizers and IPIN Steering Committee have to cancel IPIN2020 conference this year. About the IPIN2020 competition, the On-site Tracks will also be canceled, but the Off-set Tracks will still be continued. The Off-set Tracks include the following:

    ●    Track 3: Smartphone-based (off-site)

    ●    Track 4: Foot-mounted IMU based (off-site)

    ●    Track 5: xDR in industrial scenarios (off-site)

    ●    Track 6: On-vehicle smartphone based (off-site)

At present, the data of Off-set Tracks is under collected by the staffs of organizing committee. According to the development of the COVID-19 pandemic, the data of Off-set Tracks will be published in time for the participating teams.

Please pay attention to the notice on the website at any time.